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skate,BMX,boardsCore Tour 2002
Sports and Music Festival
South Street Seaport NYC

Sports and Music Festival
South Street Seaport NYC

Cour Tour Featuring the 2002 Skate Street Men - Beast of the East, King of Dirt, 2002 Elements Big Air Challenge - Mountain Board Men, and 2002 AGSJ Skate Street!
This, the 2nd stop of the series had something for everyone....

And we were there!!!


..nd so were some of the North East’s finest ... Ol' School and the current line lineup.....



Including a group of rulin’ Big kickin’ Riders from NJ – NYC and PA Blowin’ it out on the mega dirt course set up down at the piers! The New York venue is always a fun stop for us .. 50 minutes outta the office and we’re downtown – right on the river .. nice breeze while the rest of the world was baking in the summer 99 degree heat ...

Richie Velasquez Outta the car .. and awesome street course set was up to great us Right in the front..
And who’s there ....??? most of Ol' School NYC ..!! Ray Mendez, who’s now shooting for FOX TV .., Richie Velasquez and his wife and new baby ... Ariel Surun my good bud Ariel Surun ... sick tricks bro!

Jason Stinsmen won the Kicker contest by pulling a sweet double backflip, while Velasquez rode good enough to edge out Stinsmen in the new head to head format.

Richie Velasquez's wife


Richie Velasquez and Jason Stinsmen both skated incredibly well and both walked away with a new Panasonic e-Wear AV-10 digital camera.

Ariel Surun


And there were some familiar Venice Beach persona in persona - yes – AJ Jackson – all the way from CA hookin’ it up as the MC ..just like the ol' NISS days! Who could ask for more.. ?!?!?!

motion.GIF - 45170 Bytes

The action was non stop – rollin’ out pure soul ..

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